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22th China Coat & SF China  22th China Coat & SF China 

Nov. 15th-17th , 2017  Shanghai· Shanghai New International Expo Centre

CHINACOAT2017 closed its gate successfully at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), P. R. China.  Again, the three-day exhibition recorded outstanding results from both exhibitors and visitors, underlining the continuous support of the industry.

The 2017 Shanghai show attracted a record number of visitors. Altogether, 1,210 exhibitors from 34 countries presented their latest products, technologies and solutions on the fairgrounds, representing a rise of 13% and 11% as compared to its last 2016 Guangzhou and 2015 Shanghai editions. Besides, a series of related academic meeting, technical training course and workshop is held on the sidelines of exhibition. NCMC, together with UBE’s technical team, gave a presentation on PCD products, which has drawn great influence among the exhibitors and visitors.

NCMC's bustling stand exhibits products from many of our close partners, including UBE’s PCD series, CABOT's fumed silica, Idemitsu's isoparaffin, Evonic's wetting agent Tomdadol series, Eastman's 2-Butoxyethanol and acetate, etc.  Technical consultants from UBE's PCD apartment has joined us in helping end-users to solve practical problems in product application. With great support from our suppliers, as well as our customers, NCMC's 2017 China Coat has concluded with brilliant results!

Let's look back on the exhibitions with photos:

22th China Coat & SF China 1

22th China Coat & SF China 2

22th China Coat & SF China 3

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