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Team Building @ Laoshan National Forest Park Team Building @ Laoshan National Forest Park

In the golden month of October when Osmanthus are in bloom, we set out for the Laoshan National Forest Park, which is renowned as the “Green Lung of Nanjing, Bright Pearl of Northern Yangtze River”. As NCMC's team is becoming increasingly large and strong, this event is aimed at helping new members to better integrate into this big family, enriching staff spare time and boosting up  physical diathesis.

Team Building @ Laoshan National Forest Park1

First activity is mountain climbing plus jigsaw game. All the members are divided into several groups, not only do they have to compete for the first one who reaches the top, but also piece together a jigsaw puzzle with the leaves picked up along the road. Below is their creative and colorful works:

Team Building @ Laoshan National Forest Park

Here comes punishment for the losers in the game, the spiked shiatsu pad!

Team Building @ Laoshan National Forest Park3

The second game is called “ I Say You Do” which needs a close cooperation with each other. Look how happy and struggling they are!

Team Building @ Laoshan National Forest Park4

Finally comes to the BBQ, adding coal, putting grills, preparing kebabs, everyone is involved.

Team Building @ Laoshan National Forest Park5

Team Building @ Laoshan National Forest Park6

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