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Industrial production chemicals are chemicals developed or manufactured for use in industrial operations or research by industry, government, or academia. There are thousands of industrial chemicals. Some are used to make consumer goods, others to create energy, and some are used in the production of other industrial chemicals. Our Industrial production chemicals are mainly used as reagent, catalyst and solvent, etc.
  • Lithium Molybdate

    Product Name: Lithium Molybdate
    Chemical Formula: Li2MoO4
    CAS No.: 13568-40-6
  • Lithium Benzoate

    Product Name: Lithium Benzoate
    Chemical Formula: C6H5COOLi
    CAS No.: 553-54-8
  • Acetyl Chloride

    Chemical Formula: C2H3ClO
    CAS No.: 75-36-5
    Dangerous Grade: 3.2
  • Methyl Iodide

    Chemical Formula: CH3I
    CAS No.: 74-88-4
    Dangerous Grade: 6.1
  • Ethyl Iodide

    Chemical Formula: C2H5I
    CAS No.: 75-03-6
    Dangerous Grade: 6.1
  • Propyl Iodide

    Chemical Formula: C3H7I
    CAS No.: 107-08-4
    Dangerous Grade: III Flammable liquid
  • Butyl Iodide

    Chemical Formula: C4H9I
    CAS No.: 542-69-8
    Dangerous Grade: 3
  • Isopropyl Ether

    Chemical Formula: C6H14O
    CAS No.: 108-20-3
    Dangerous Grade: 3
  • Beta-alanine

    Chemical Formula: C3H7NO2
    CAS No.: 107-95-9
    Dangerous Grade: None
  • C20-24 Olefin

    Chemical Formula: C22H44
    CAS No.: 93924-10-8
    Dangerous Grade: None
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