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Amyl Salicylate Amyl Salicylate

Amyl salicylate is a chemical with the formula C12H16O3. It is used for making soap and edible fragrance.

Amyl salicylate is one of the common and important salicylate esters. It is suitable for grass orchid fragrance and moss, sweet myrrh, plain heart orchid, new mow, etc.

Amyl salicylate has floral fragrants such as carnation, violet, osmanthus, broom, hyacinth, blushing flower, and heavy woody, Oriental and musky formulae. 

Amyl salicylate can also be used together with patchouli oil, vetiver oil, sandalwood oil or cypress wood oil in soap myrtle.

Amyl salicylate was obtained by distillation of isopentyl alcohol and salicylic acid after esterification.

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