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Glycolic Acid Improves the Efficiency of the Oil and Gas Industry Glycolic Acid Improves the Efficiency of the Oil and Gas Industry

Glycolic acid can enhance the effects of cleaning and descaling in the refining process of oil fields and petroleum. The acid can also realize the biodegradability of metal complexation without adding excess biological or chemical oxygen demand to the product.

Compared to mineral acids, the reaction of glycolic acid is relatively slow which is helpful for acid treatment during the well completion. Desalination of crude oil, acidification of oil-gas wells and synthesizing well drilling mud also depend on glycolic acid. Glycolic acid does not contain phosphate and it won't accumulate biodegradable in the environment. The glycolic acid is non-flammable, corrosion-resistant and in 70% technical grade and has the characteristics of light odor, low toxicity and low steam pressure.

1. The working principle of glycolic acid

Glycolic acid can be used in conjunction with hydrochloric acid or sulfamic acid to prevent iron precipitation during cleaning or flooding. It can also effectively remove harmful sediments while minimizing corrosion damage to steel or copper systems.

2. Dirty controlling and repair

Glycolic acid can remove rust, dirty and particles in oil-gas wells and production equipment. Glycolic acid and metal ions produce complexation to form soluble salt which is easy to extract from oil-gas wells. The low corrosion of metal parts in oil-gas wells reduces the possibility of equipment damages. Its strong acidity can remove carbonate scale.

3. The production-increase of horizontal oil-gas wells

The glycolic acid reaction is relatively slow so it will penetrate into the stratum before the complete reaction. Glycolic acid dissolves the same amount of calcium carbonate (CaCO₃) to form hydrochloric acid without corrosion.

4. Metallocycle octoate solution

Cycloalkanoate is a carboxylic acid containing saturated cyclic hydrocarbons, such as cyclopentane and cyclohexane. Glycolic acid competes with naphthenate for metal cations to form water-soluble glycolates. Gycolic acid can also increase protonation by changing the solubility and distribution of naphthenate. Protonated naphthenic acid is more soluble in oil than ionic naphthenic acid.

Glycolic acid plays such a important role in the oil-gas industry. If you also want to buy glycolic acid to improve the efficiency of the oil-gas industry, please contact Nanjing Chemical Material Corp., and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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