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Polyurethane coating is a common type of coating, which can be divided into two component PU coatings and one-component PU coatings. Performance of single component polyurethane coating is not as excellent as the two-component coating. The two-component PU coating is commonly called curing agent and main component. It’s a very promising type of paint, generally with good mechanical property and high solid content. This kind of coating has a wide range of applications, main applications are wood painting, automobile repair coating, anti-corrosion coating, floor paint, electronic paint, special coating, polyurethane waterproof coating, etc.

To exceed the demands of todays protective coating requirements, our polyurethanes are especially designed for UV stability, chemical resistance, serviceability, ease of application and excellent aesthetic appearance. We have a range of polyurethanes for the automotive, facade and panelling, and steel construction industry.

The coating must be long lasting, can offer excellent substrate protection, able to provide an attractive finish and be user friendly. Quality and performance are at the heart of our business. We continually offer greater value to every protective coating operation. With our wealth of experience and expertise, you can expect our polyurethane coating to exceed current industry standards.
Features & Benefits of Polyurethane coatings
  • To make the most of our superior range of polyurethanes, it pays to have a good handle on the features and benefits. Here are a few of the things our high performance polyurethane coating offer you:
  • Good weathering performance
  • Good top coat for heavy duty purposes
  • Ease of application
  • Low maintenance cost with long term durability
  • High performance coating
  • Almost unlimited colour range
  • Excellent appearance
Typical Applications using Polyurethane

Here are some of the applications where our range of quality polyurethane is highly valued:

  • Automotive refinishing
  • Roller shutters
  • Fascias
  • Furniture and joinery
  • Concrete topcoats over epoxies (for UV protection)
  • Structural steel
  • Equipment, Machinery
  • Manufacturing Components
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