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Composite Additive of Trace Elements Composite Additive of Trace Elements

In composite additive of trace elements, the proportion of trace elements such as copper, zinc, manganese, iron, iodine, selenium and cobalt is reasonable and scientific, and exists in the form of amino acid chelation.

The absorption and utilization rate is high, the amount of trace elements is small, and it is convenient to use. You do not need to add trace elements, so it reduces the amount of amino acids, the feeding cost and improve the economic benefit.

Composite additive of trace elements canSupplement nutrition to prevent the lack and deficiency of trace elements in daily feed.

Amino acid chelates are easy to be digested and absorbed by animals with furs and is with high utilization rate. It can maintain the ion balance of gastrointestinal tract, protect the intestinal mucosa, eliminate nutritional dysentery caused by ion imbalance, and greatly improve the survival rate of fur animals.

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