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Uses of Propionyl Chloride Uses of Propionyl Chloride

Propionyl chloride is a colourless to light yellow transparent liquid with a pungent odour, is soluble in water and ethanol and is violently decomposed. It is used for the following purposes:

Application 1

The pharmaceutical industry uses it for the production of the antiepileptic drug methotrexate, the anti-adrenaline drug methoxamine hydrochloride and uses it as a propionyl reagent in organic synthesis.

Application 2

Used as an alkylation reagent.

Application 3

Propionyl chloride is an intermediate for the plant growth regulator cyclic acid.

Application 4

It is used as a propionylating reagent in organic synthesis, and an intermediate in the preparation of various propionic acid derivatives, such as phenylacetone; in the production of the pesticide Panicum; and in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of the antiepileptic drugs methacholine, cholecalciferol and the anti-adrenaline drug methoxamine hydrochloride etc.

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