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The Principle of Cationic Surfactants for Repairing Hair The Principle of Cationic Surfactants for Repairing Hair

As time goes by, hair is inevitably damaged by external factors, resulting in changes to its physico-chemical properties. Damaged hair may feel dull, stiff, coarse, difficult to comb and prone to breakage etc. In short, damage to the hair can have a serious impact on the aesthetics and cause problems in people's lives. Therefore, people generally use hair care products to repair their hair, and cationic surfactants play an important role as mild and effective ingredients in hair care products.

Cationic surfactants are strong candidates for the repair of hydrophobic hair surfaces. Firstly, cationic surfactants produced by surfactant manufacturers have a positively charged head group, which is just right for effective adhesion to negatively charged hair surfaces through the mutual attraction of positive and negative ions. In addition, cationic surfactants have long-chain alkyl groups (typically in the range C16 to C22), which have a hydrophobic effect. Therefore, cationic surfactants with both of these characteristics can be considered an ideal choice for hair care. Of course, cationic surfactants with different chemical structures also have different effects.

The application technique of cationic surfactants in actual product formulations is also important and can affect the final result to a considerable extent. If you want to buy cationic surfactants, Nanjing Chemical Material Corp will be your best choice.

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