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2-Methylbutanoic Acid 2-Methylbutanoic Acid

2-Methylbutanoic acid, is a branched-chain alkyl carboxylic acid, it is also known as 2-methylbutyric acid. Itschemical formulaisCH₃CH₂CHCO₂H,which makes ita short-chain fatty acid. Racemic 2-methylbutanoic acid can be prepared with a Grignard reaction by carbon dioxide and2-chlorobutane.

2-methylbutanoic acid is a colorless liquid volatile, it has a pungent cheesy odor. it has a good fruity, sweet odor. 2-Methylbutanoic acid, and the esters, is used as food additives and flavors.

2-methylbutanoic acid and its esters arewidespreadnatural components of many foods.

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