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Main Applications of Bronopol Main Applications of Bronopol

At ordinary temperature, bronopol is a kind of white to light yellow and yellowish brown crystalline powder. It is odorless, tasteless, soluble in water, ethanol and propylene glycol but difficult to dissolve in chloroform, acetone, benzene, etc. Bronopol can decompose slowly in alkaline solution and is corrosive to some metals like aluminum. Bronopol is toxic and has irritation effect to eyes, skin and mucous membranes, which can cause congenital abnormalities. It is harmful to the environment if used in large quantities. Bronopol is mainly used as a preservative for cosmetics and a bactericide to effectively prevent and control many kinds of plant pathogenic bacteria. The main applications are as follows:


Bronopol is mainly used as a preservative and fungicide added in the processing of cosmetics such as shampoo, balm and cream, and its concentration in cosmetics is 0.01%-0.02%. It can also be used as a kind of detergent and fabric treating agent. As a bactericide, it can effectively prevent and control a variety of plant pathogenic bacteria. For example, the treatment of cotton seed with bronopol can prevent and control the cotton angular leaf spot and bacterial cotton wilt disease caused by Xanthomonas malvacearum without any phytotoxicity to cotton, and it can also be used for rice bakanae disease with a recommended concentration of 800-1000mg/L. In addition, bronopol is applied to industrial circulating water, paper pulp, paint, plastics, cosmetics, wood and cooling water circulation system, as well as the sterilization, mildew proof, anticorrosion and algae removal in industry.


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