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Ortho-cresol Formaldehyde Epoxy Resin Ortho-cresol Formaldehyde Epoxy Resin

O-methyl phenolic epoxy resin (EOCN) is a kind of linear phenolic epoxy resin with heat-resistant multifunctional groups prepared by the reaction of O-methyl phenolic resin (OCN) and epichlorohydrin (ECH).

Ortho-cresol formaldehyde epoxy resin is widely used as the plastic sealing material of semiconductor equipment, integrated circuit and other electronic components to protect electronic components from environmental corrosion and maintain product performance and service life. Therefore, it is required that the resin has good properties and high purity, that is, the content of residual chlorine, sodium ions and hydrolyzable chlorine should be low. With the rapid development of electronics industry, the demand for (ECH) resin is increasing day by day, and the purity of the product is higher.

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