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Inorganic Salts Inorganic Salts
Inorganic salts have a variety of applications like pharmaceuticals (as APIs, intermediaries, in x-ray contrast media, for iodination, production of cephalosporin, lamotrigine, radiation emergencies, thyroid disorder diagnosis & treatment), in battery (lithium battery) ,in cosmetics (hair bleach), as polymerisation initiators, as heat stabilisers (PVC, Nylon), as nutritional additives (animal feed, salt iodization, dough conditioners, baby food), in the glass industry (colourants, decolourants), in emulsion explosives (mining), solid propellants, pool treatments, paper pulping, airbags, polarizing films (LCD), fracking (delayed gel breaker), oil exploration, as oxidizing agents and several other applications.

Our plant is founded in 2001,as a leading Enterprise specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling lithium, cesium and iodine salts in China. Located in Rudong Chemical Industry Zone of Nantong city, the factory is about 30000 m2 which consists of manufacturing facilities 10000m2, warehouse 4000m2 and assorted Research Complex and administration building. A High-level research team consist of professional technical staffs, firm cooperation with many pharmaceutical and chemical research institutions, well outfitted detecting equipment such as HPLC,GC,UV and a strict-managed quality assurance system providing our customer with most competitive products in the international market. Meanwhile, the technical process of lithium bromide, lithium chloride and lithium acetate is in leading position of domestic factories.

Our products are widely used in energy, metallurgy, medicine, chemical fiber and ceramic field and exported to over 60 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We have stable business relationship with many Fortune 500 companies and distribution agents in more than twenty countries.
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