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The Preparation Technology and Storage Condition of Methyl Iodide The Preparation Technology and Storage Condition of Methyl Iodide

Methyl iodide cas is a halogenated hydrocarbon. The molecular formula is CH3I, MeI and it is an iodide substitute of methane. Methyl iodide cas is a kind of volatile liquid with high density at room temperature. The dipole moment is 1.59D and the refractive index is 1.5304 (20℃, D) and 1.5293 (21℃, D). Methyl iodide cas can be miscible with common organic solvents. The pure methyl iodide cas is colorless, but if exposed to sunlight, it will appear purple because iodine is separated out. The iodine can be removed by adding copper. Methyl iodide cas is present in rice fields in a small amount. Methyl iodide cas is a commonly used methylation reagent in organic synthesis.

When iodine is added to the mixture of methyl alcohol and red phosphorus, an exothermic reaction will happen to produce methyl iodide cas:

5CH3OH + P + 2.5I2→5CH3I + H3PO4 + H2O

The midbody of phosphorous triiodide formed in the reaction plays the role of iodization with methyl alcohol.

In addition, methyl iodide cas can also be prepared by reacting dimethyl sulfate with potassium iodide in the presence of calcium carbonate:

(CH3O)2SO2 + KI→K2SO4 + 2CH3I

First of all, distill the reaction product, then wash it with Na2S2O3, water and Na2CO3 solution to obtain pure methyl iodide cas.

Methyl iodide cas is toxic, corrosive, and may cause cancer. Methyl iodide cas should be placed in a brown bottle for storage to prevent it from being exposed to sunlight and releasing I2. Store it in a cool and well-ventilated special storehouse, and implement the system of "double transmit-receive, double storage". Keep methyl iodide cas away from fire and heat source. Keep the container sealed. It is forbidden to store methyl iodide cas with oxidants, alkalines and food chemicals. Corresponding varieties and quantities of fire fighting equipment should be equipped. The storage area shall be equipped with emergency treatment equipment for leakage and appropriate containment materials.

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