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Further Information about Characteristics of Expandable Microspheres Shoes Further Information about Characteristics of Expandable Microspheres Shoes

Six physical properties of expandable microspheres shoes have been mentioned in the previous article, and some other characteristics will be introduced as follows:

1. Mechanical strength
The expandable microspheres shoes can withstand multiple cycles of pressuring and pressure relief without collapse. However, as the density of microspheres decreases, so does this ability. Some chemicals may also affect the elasticity and mechanical strength of expandable microspheres shoes.

2. Surface modification
A fine velveteen surface can be obtained by adding a small amount of expandable microspheres shoes to the coating. This effect can be realized on many different materials, such as metals, paper and fabrics.

3. Obturator structure
Expandable microspheres shoes are of obturator structure, which is an important property in many applications.
In water-based paint, the obturator structure means that the expandable microspheres shoes will have lower water absorption, but the paint will have very high water permeability. This is caused by the narrow pathways formed between each microsphere and the surrounding matrixes. Compared to the water transport inside the coating, the water transport inside the gaps is faster, which facilitates the evaporation of water in the base material.

4. Heat preservation and insulation
The gas-filled obturator structure is not only conducive to electrical insulation, but also to thermal insulation.
Expandable microspheres shoes are used in cable fillers to improve the electrical insulation performance.

5. Internal pressure
Internal pressure can be generated by adding expandable microspheres shoes into the products. The internal pressure of expandable microspheres shoes can be applied in many ways. For example, it can be used as a processing agent of compression moulding forming. The expandable microspheres shoes can be mixed with the fillers before adding the binder. The expandable microspheres shoes generate pressure in the mould and fill the pores between the filler particles with the binder.

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