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Application Of Sodium Laurate Polyoxyethylene Ether Sulfate In Shampoo Application Of Sodium Laurate Polyoxyethylene Ether Sulfate In Shampoo

Shampoo products have become a necessity in daily life of human beings. Both shampoo sales in developed and developing countries account for the first place in the hair market. In some developed countries, shampoo accounts for 30%-40% of hair products sales, and 40%-50% in developing countries.

Shampoo is a product for cleaning hair, and the main function of the early shampoo is the hair and scalp cleanser. With the development of shampoo formulations and processes, the current shampoo is actually a cosmetic hair and scalp cleaner. It not only removes dirt and dandruff from the hair, but also gives the hair a good combing effect, leaving the hair not ethereal and leaving a soft and lubricious feeling. Thus, sodium laurate polyoxyethylene ether sulfate has become a commonly used shampoo additive.

Shampoo with sodium lauryl ether sulfate has the following main functions
1. It has good foaming properties and produces dense and rich foam even in the presence of scalp and dirt.
2. It has a moderate cleansing ability to remove deposits and scalp from the hair without excessive defatting and dryness.
3. It is easy to clean from the hair.
4. The wet comb resistance is small.
5. After the hair is dry, it is well combed and has no unpleasant smell.
6. The various conditioning agents and additives (such as antistatic agents, conditioning agents, somatosensory enhancers and active agents) are deposited to a moderate extent without visible or significant residue.
7. It is non-irritating and non-toxic to the eyes, hair and scalp, or has low irritation and toxicity and can be used safely.
8. The economic cost is suitable, the source of raw materials is guaranteed, and it is easy to manufacture.
9. Various functions (such as cleaning ability, conditioning and solubility) are not changed by water quality, acid and alkali, and different typical hair changes.

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