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What Industries Can Expandable Microspheres Be Used? What Industries Can Expandable Microspheres Be Used?

Expandable microsphere is a kind of white thermoplastic core-shell structured microspheres consisting of polymer shells that encapsulate volatile solvents.

The expandable microspheres produced by Nanjing Chemical Material Corps. can be added as coatings to various coatings of building walls, such as putty, middle coating and finish coat. From the base material to the surface coating, the microspheres reduce the density of it, reduce the weight of the wall, improve the texture of the coating and enhance the suspension which improve the long-term storage stability and the construction efficiency.

1. The expandable microspheres can be used in producing leather

In the production of leather, the addition of expandable microspheres can guarantee excellent filling performance, a very low shrinkage, a well elasticity and soft touch feeling. At the same time, the uniform surface properties of the finished products make the later repair more convenient or even make the repaired one equal to the original one.

2. The expandable microspheres can be used in printing

Expansionable microspheres can be also added into printing paste, wallpaper, paper cups and anti-slip paper so that revive the printing craft that used to exist only in the flat world. After adding expandable microspheres in printing inks, textiles, paper, non-woven fabrics and other materials can achieve 3D, matte, smooth, velvet texture or other more printing effects. In addition, it can enrich the use of paper, such as helping to produce heat-insulating paper cups.

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