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What Skin Type is Glycolic Acid Suitable For? How to Use? What Skin Type is Glycolic Acid Suitable For? How to Use?

If you want to simplify your skincare routine with a product that shrinks your pores while also making your skin look younger, brighter and more radiant, use glycolic acid for it Let's help you get the job done. This amazing ingredient is pretty much one-size-fits-all for everything from aging to acne, and it's an ingredient you should definitely consider adding to your skincare routine.

1. What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is a hydroxy acid, a carbon-containing organic molecule. This molecule is naturally present in sugar cane and fruit. Some other acids you may be familiar with include lactic and citrus acids. Note that glycolic acid should not be confused with hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid. Chemically, it's a really nice little molecule, which means it penetrates easily when you put it on your skin.

Glycolic acid helps to separate the connections between keratinocytes (skin cells) in the outer layer of the skin without the need for harsh physical exfoliation techniques (scrubs) to exfoliate. In this way, it artificially accelerates cell turnover, bringing fresher, younger cells to the skin's surface.

2. How to use glycolic acid?

In addition to the concentration of glycolic acid, one should try to find a low pH product. Effective glycolic acid products will have a lower pH, which means they are more acidic. pH levels don't always appear on product labels, but there are areas where you can look for "low pH" or "medical professional grade." The ideal is 10% ethanol with a pH of 3.5 and products with 10% ethanol for everyday use is safe. The benefit of using a 10% glycolic acid product on a regular basis is that you'll be less likely to visit the salon for a high-concentration AHA skincare. Skin remains fresh and clean.

3. Which skin types are suitable for using glycolic acid?

The good thing about glycolic acid is that it is good for almost all skin types except those with very sensitive skin and those with rosacea. People with sensitive skin may find glycolic acid too irritating, and it should be fine when used in combination with products containing natural oils. In terms of age, glycolic acid products can be used almost from the teenage years. Preteens can safely use it to fight blackheads, and even 11- or 12-year-olds can use it as a basic cleaning product. But for people in their 20s, 30s and older, if they want to do an ethanol peel at home, anyone over 18 can.

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