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Glycolic Acid In Skin Care Products: Face Moisturizer & Peel Mask Glycolic Acid In Skin Care Products: Face Moisturizer & Peel Mask

Glycollic acid is a colorless, odorless, translucent solid. Its chemical name is Hydroxyacetic Acid or Glycolic Acid, Glycolic Acid. It is the simplest α-hydroxy acid.

In recent years, glycolic acid has been widely used in skin care products at home and abroad, and it is a therapeutic effect to remove dead skin and sweat. The results show that as the pH of the aqueous solution of glycolic acid decreases, its stimulated skin cell regeneration rate and skin irritation will increase. When the pH is close to 3, it exhibits a degree of irritation and a strong incentive to regenerate the skin; at pH values close to 7, it is less irritating and less stimulating to the skin. In addition, it is also used to synthesize raw materials for skin aging and whitening cosmetics-- Fruit acid.
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