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Expandable microspheres are small, milky white globular plastic particles, 10-45 microns in diameter. When heated to a certain temperature, the volume of foaming agent can be rapidly expanded to dozens of times its own, so as to achieve the foaming effect. When heated to a certain temperature, the thermoplastic shell softens and the gas inside the shell expands, the volume of the foaming agent can increase to dozens of times itself, and the core shell structure is not destroyed, so as to achieve the effect of foaming.

NCMC was originally founded in 1995 and was reorganized in 2007. Headquartered in Nanjing, the company has two offices in Guangzhou and Tianjin. As an Expandable Microspheres supplier, our products have the following characteristics and can provide you with the best service.

1. Good mechanical properties:
Different from other types of foaming agents, expandable microsphere foaming agent does not have bubble holes, so as to avoid uneven bubble holes, bubble holes rupture, bubble holes poor resilience and other shortcomings, the complete spherical structure has good mechanical properties.

2. Excellent flexibility:
Thermoplastic shell has excellent compression resistance, the surface can withstand 300 kg/cm2 pressure, good resilience can withstand multiple cycles of pressure without breaking.

3. Excellent foaming performance:
The expandable microsphere can achieve the original 20-70 times of independent foaming. After foaming, it is still a complete closed body, with incomparable foaming effect compared with traditional chemical foaming agents.

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