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Personal care are consumer products used in personal hygiene or detergent. We supply Glycolic acid with industrial grade and Cosmetic/pharma grade, these grades mainly differs from its Cl content. Normally used in cosmetics(skin and hair care),daily chemicals, industrial chemicals and in new materials with biodegradable property. 

The market was dominated by personal care application that accounted for over 60.0% of the global market share owing to increasing demand for glycolic acid based products for scalp treatment and hair nourishment.

The household cleaning segment is expected to be valued at over USD 110 million by 2024 owing to increasing use of the product in bathroom and kitchen cleaners due to its ability to from complexes with hard water salts, removal of soap scums and compatibility with surfactants, fragrances, dyes, and biocidal agents. In addition, increasing use of glycolic acid for cleaning hard surfaces owing to properties such as high surface penetration and easy biodegradability is expected to drive the demand for the product over the forecast period.
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