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Where is Potassium Iodide Commonly Used? Where is Potassium Iodide Commonly Used?

Potassium iodide is a kind of inorganic substance with the taste of salty and a little bitter and slightly hydrophilia. When it is moisture and with light, it will disintegrate and produce free iodine then turn into yellow or brown. After it turning the color, it is not available for internal service.

The general function of potassium iodide are as following:

1. Potassium iodide is a commonly used analytical reagent which can be used to make photographic sensitive emulsions or as the inhibitor for color development and black primary development; and it can be the antifogging agent in the photosensitive emulsions. It is also used in bleach-fix solution for the development of color photos, green reducing solution for color photos and blackening solution of mercury iodine. It has the a strong ability of antifrogging ability and the function of inhibiting the sensitivity of blue layer.

2. Potassium iodide as expectorant can dilute sputum to make it cough out easily and increase bronchial secretion (with the proportion of 5g Potassium iodide and 2.5g sodium bicarbonate for per 100 ml agent) which is not suitable for being compatible with acid drugs and is used for cough and asthma. This product is salty and antiphlogistic so that it can cure the inflammation and reduce phlegm. If one's lung is inflamed for a long time and the phlegm is thick, he or she can be try this. The product has the function of eliminating phlegm, softening hard things, unchoking the knots and losing the weigh. It's good for the prevention and treatment for gall tumor and the dosage can be determined according to iodine deficiency.

Concentrated iodine can cause salivary gland swollen and hurt; mouth and throat being burning and having the metal taste; teeth and gingiva hurt and saliva secretion increased. This product is used as expectorant, only for chronic respiratory inflammation. The dosage should be slight and the course of treatment should be short. It is should not be used in adolescents in case of causing or aggravate acne or hurt the thyroid function. This product should be protected from light, sealed and stored in a dry place.

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