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Linear Alkyl Benzene(LAB) Linear Alkyl Benzene(LAB)

Linear Alkyl Benzene(LAB) is a colorless or yellowish transparent liquid without suspended matter.

Its chemical properties are stable. Flash point above 100℃; Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is easily sulfonated with linear Alkyl Benzene(LAB) and fuming sulfuric acid or SO3. It is the main raw material of domestic popular detergent products. All kinds of popular detergents produced from linear Alkyl Benzene(LAB) have the characteristics of strong detergents, good bactericidal effect, no residue and no pollution.

It is suitable for making surfactant, emulsifier, cable oil, transformer oil, lubricating oil, synthetic washing powder liquid detergent and other products of raw materials.

It should be transfered by tank car or iron drum packaging, it should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, isolated from fire.

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