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Hey, we wanna be the first one to give you the Children's Day Gift! Hey, we wanna be the first one to give you the Children

Remember your childhood?

We left behind bags and textbooks to see cicadas singing

and watching ants moving in the shade.

But when we grow up,

we seem to have forgotten the childhood memories.


Never mind,

the Children's Day is coming again!

For NCMCer, this festival is not exclusive to children,

but belong to all of our lovely family members!

Childhood Games with Concerted Efforts

As the Children's Day approaching,

NCMC held the first team-building activity of 2022.

All team members were on this pleasant outing and temporarily left our works behind!

We are

ready for the coolest "Power Rangers" and "Squid Games".

Unleashing our creativity and relaxing ourselves.

To finish all the tasks of "Power Rangers" quickly and effectively

is not easy for ordinary person.

But just a piece of cake to NCMCers.

We acted preemptively and made plans carefully

with all our own innovative ideas

and ingenious measures!

After all the mental and physical-challenging tasks,

we were facing the real "Squid Games",

which are running statue, playing marbles and tug-of-war.

All of these perfectly reconstructed "Squid Games" scene

merged with our favourite childhood games,

making us immersed ourselves in these games.

The cheers and slogans mixed together,

attracting passerby standing still and watching.

Isnt the Childhood like this in our memory with endless happiness?

A series of fun games, not only tested our physical strength and endurance, but also cultivated our team spirit. Everyone was fully devoted, helping each other, contributing their own efforts while cooperating to achieve the task, which is quite the same during our daily work.

These childhood games not only bring back everyone to the true self, but also strengthen our idea that in this big family, everyone's efforts are important and everyone can bring happiness to others!

Sweet cakes, sweet dreams

When saying sense of ceremony for Childrens Day, a cake party is also necessary except for spring outing.

Though we have grown up,

we still hide our childhood dream in the heart.

On the childrens day,

lets  fulfill all our dreams!

The cupcakes looked like coming from a fairy tale world,

spinning like dancing on the moving track.

The special gift awakened our inner childishness,

as grown-up children, we were so enjoyed.

On this day,

We are only little girls and boys

with cream on our face

and stars shining in our eyes.

No matter how old we are, just live for happiness.

Every festival,

we would use our own way

to ensure every NCMCer a unique love!

Childhood is short, but happiness will last.

Childish but innocence, which is the most beautiful treasure.

When moving forward,

hope every NCMCer

can keep an innocent heart

and remain a happygrown-up child

After all, were the family understanding your mischievousness and treasuring your cuteness.

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