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Application Of Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate In Shampoo Application Of Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate In Shampoo

The main surfactant used in shampoos is to impart a shampoo cleansing action through the washing process. There are many types of such surfactants, but mainly anionic surfactants. Nowadays, the amount of ammonium laureth sulfate (AESA) and (K12A) is also very large. The ammonium salt has a high foaming rate and is less irritating than the sodium salt. Some large brands use ammonium salt as the main surfactant. Sodium laureth sulfate can be used in products for skin and sodium sulphate can be used in soap making.

Currently, the most commonly used shampoo main surfactants are lauryl ether sulfates (abbreviated as AES or SLES) and lauryl sulfates (AS or SLS), sometimes a mixture of the two. China generally uses sodium laureth polyoxyethylene ether sulfate and ammonium laureth polyoxyethylene ether sulfate, but mainly sodium salt.

The advantages of sodium salt

1. The sodium salt is less dependent on the pH of the system.
2. Sodium salt synthesis is easier and more economical.
3. The detergency and foaming power of the sodium salt is slightly stronger than that of the ammonium salt, and the formulation amount may be slightly lower.

Therefore, sodium lauryl ether sulfate is a very good surfactant choice in the shampoo making process.
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