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2-acetyl thiazole 2-acetyl thiazole

2-acetyl thiazole is an oily liquid with aromas like popcorn, tortillas, tortillas, and bread. The melting point is 65°C, the boiling point is 95-105°C (2000Pa), and the flash point is 78°C. The refractive index (nD20) is 1.5480. And its relative density (d420) is 1.226.

2-acetyl thiazole can be used as a perfume, or for the preparation of triazolothiazole analogs, chiral alcohols, and also used in aldol condensation reactions.

2-acetylpyrazine, also known as acetylpyrazine, is colorless to pale yellow crystals, with the smell of roasting and popcorn, which is combustible. Heating 2-acetylpyrazine will decompose and release toxic nitrogen oxide fumes. Its molecular formula is C6H8N2O, molecular weight is 124.1405, melting point is 75℃~78℃, boiling point is 78℃~79℃, flash point is 78℃~79℃.

As a food additive, 2-acetylpyrazine can be used to prepare various flavors and fragrances, and it can also be used in the production and processing of sesame, peanuts, meat, tobacco, baked food and other products.

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