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Cocoamido Propil Betaina in Cosmetics Cocoamido Propil Betaina in Cosmetics

Cocoamido propil betaina is an amphoteric surfactant that is water soluble, minimally irritating, acid and alkali stable and, most importantly, very foaming and highly effective at removing limescale. Because of its low irritation to the eyes and skin, it is often used as a foaming agent in infant tear-free formulas toiletries and in amino acid cleansing products to compensate for the lack of amino acid surface-active foam, as well as to increase the cleansing power of the product.

Cocoamido propil betaina and cocamidopropyl betaine are the most commonly used amphoteric co-surfactants in shampoo products. Cocoamido propil betaina is inherently less irritating (compared to sulphate surfactants) and shampoos with higher cocamidopropyl betaine content have a richer, denser lather. These shampoos are suitable for people with sensitive skin and eyes.

This derivative is used in most cosmetics. It is relatively inexpensive and therefore reduces overall production costs. Cocoamido propil betaina is an effective foam booster or stabiliser and is therefore a common ingredient in cleansing products such as bubble baths, body washes and shampoos. It is also used as a thickener or anti-static agent and is a common ingredient in hair conditioners. In addition, it has an emulsifying and moisturising effect and is commonly used in bath oils and certain liquid cosmetics.

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