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Sailing Against the Adversity with One Heart丨2022 NCMC Annual Summary & Meeting Successfully Held Sailing Against the Adversity with One Heart丨2022 NCMC Annual Summary & Meeting Successfully Held

Winter brings along the end of the year. On January 7, NCMC annual summary & meeting was officially held in Purple Palace, a wonderful place surrounded by mountains, lakes and trees. In the past year, we were fighting together and attaining fruitful results, and we would expect for a new journey and carry the positive energy into 2023.   

Looking back to 2022, all NCMCers were putting all the efforts to forge ahead. Under the persistent dark cloud of epidemic, we showed high spirit and energetic attitude to keep competitive in the market, thus making the year of 2022 a successful one. The highlight moments were unfolded one by one during the personal report and summary meeting.

 Elaborating Every Little to Make a Mickle


Review and outlook is an indispensable ritual at the end of each year. During the reporting process, all departments and teams made wonderful reports on the workduring 2022 through data,concreteexamples, pictures and texts. We shared the achievements,thought of the problems andfuture exploration plans, to write a new chapter of developing and creating together!


Long as the journey is, we will surely reach our destination. Difficult as the affair is, we will finally achieve our goal. Annual report not only epitomized our efforts for the whole year, but the most important is to gain experiences from each other. Only by exposing our shortcomings and problems can we better prepare for the next year and be proactive for all the new projects. We forge ahead with one heart to scale new heights and make innovations. With such spirits, we would stand against all new challenges.

At the end of thereporting,our general manager Mr. Wu concluded:

Under the great challenges ofrepeated epidemic this year, we have made leapfrog development throughdelicacy management, learning from each other andfighting against the adversity. We should thank ourselves for every effort and attempt in making details perfect and the self-correction and self-carving we made in overcoming problems and difficulties. We should also thank our colleagues for mutual trust, steadfast unity and unremitting persistence!

In 2023, we need toelaborate everylittle tomake amickle. Each step in the past is afoundation for thenext,to help us move forward for greater achievements in the future. We should be steadfast at work, be careful on every detail and act with firm unity. Each person's small progress, improvement and change will come together to be a“huge wave” carrying us forward. And this is NCMC spirit.

Inject Vitality into the Future                      

                            ——Embrace the New Year

After a day of reporting and review, we finally came to the most exciting and relaxingpart. Delicious dishes, dynamic music and happy smiling faces, all woven into the most beautiful picture of embracing the new year.

Our annual meeting started with the commendation as the first part. As we Chinese say, no pains no gains, big awards winners of“Young Eagle Award”,“Progress Award”,“Endeavour Award”,“Outstanding Team Award”...were announced one by one. Some of the winners are the backbone of the team, and some are the new rising stars, they all work hard and achieve fruitful results. We expect all of NCMCers to draw a better picture of ourselves on the canvas of 2023!

Although we temporarily canceled the performance part this year due to the epidemic, as the highlight of the meeting, thelucky draw part stillraised the atmosphere of excitement to the climax! With rounds and rounds of lottery drawing, all the staff cheered and laughed. Moreover,our unique“bonus scene” ignited a series of bigger surprises! The "value" of this year's prize is unprecedentedly high, making us even more cheerful and obsessed. With tension and joy alternated and the expectation and harvest interwoven, NCMCers turned into“lucky koi” and got a full load of presents. Everyone immersed in excitement and joy, walked around the tables and exchange toasts, and sent best wishes and expectations to each other for the coming year!


The past days can not be retrieved, leaving tomorrow to be expected. Today, we expressed our deep-inside beliefs and walked together with full of pride. Tomorrow, we would take our responsibility and forge ahead with all our strength. Both the past achievements and the future glory came from everyone's hard work and perseverance, which will shine on our way forward!

As an ancient Chinese poem says: Just like chasing the wind and moon, we must hurry on our way to catch up with more beautiful mountain scenes.The future is broad enough for ustoexplore and develop. NCMC wish everyone all the dreams and hopes come true in the new year. Let’s jointly draw a meaningful and extraordinary picture of 2023!

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