Nanjing Chemical Material Corp.

Christmas Day Christmas Day

The end of year is approaching.

The last surprise of 2021 also follows (NoNoNo, it should not be the last one, and more heavyweight surprises are about to kick off).

Today's surprise: let's start the wonderful journey of exploring "Christmas Blind Box" together!


 Naturally Fragrant Hand Cream

With flavors of Daisy, Cherry Blossom, Lily, Freesia, Green Tea

Five kinds of plants, five kinds of natural fragrances

Every working day can be different

Take care of your every day~

 Warm Christmas socks

Give a thick warmth to you and your loved one

Every step moves freely in each lazy day

 Warm and cute cloud night light

It can change color when you pat it, and you can pinch it for release pressure

Absolutely the perfect decompression tool to accompany you intimately, to accompany you sweet dreams

Look at the Tea Set with best wishes and blessings -- persimmons in pairs

It means Good luck and good things come in pairs, with harvest and hope

Bring us peace, health and joy all year round

Dear friends

This Christmas Eve
Let the smiles bloom in sequence from here

Let the blessings surrounded here

And our happiness, is far more just Christmas


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