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In this season of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, NCMC's annual year-end summary meeting officially kicked off! For this conference, we chose the national 4A-level eco-tourism resort - Ziqing Lake Hot Spring Resort, which has the reputation of "Millennium Holy Soup, Health Paradise", so that everyone can be in the beautiful natural oxygen bar while meeting. Among them, soaking in hot springs, tasting farm dishes, interacting with wild animals, and relaxing after harvesting, once again bursting with happiness!

At 9:00 a.m. on January 8, NCMC's 2021 year-end summary and debriefing meeting was officially held in the multi-functional conference hall by the Ziqing Lake. The one-day meeting is divided into two sessions: morning and afternoon. The morning is a special session for the marketing department. For the first time, the young team leaders started the meeting, the marketing director followed up and made summary, in the end our general manager gave comments and instructions. The ideas unfold with the process and advance layer by layer with clear and natural themes.

The six product team leaders conducted a detailed review and analysis of the sales situation,  budget completion of their respective groups, and set clear goals for their work in 2022.

The addition of the new generation of team leaders made this debriefing meeting full of highlights. Their wise, humble, humorous debriefing, sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes laughing, once again showed the youthful vigor and vitality of our young team !

The three marketing directors conducted in-depth analysis and summary reports on the overall operation and team management of the marketing department in turn. General Manager Mr. Wu also commented on them respectively. While affirming the achievements, he also pointed out the deficiencies in the work and gave corresponding suggestions.


In the second half of the meeting, the heads of the company's six comprehensive and functional departments made objective exposition and positive outlook on the following aspects: the progress of the work in 2021, the role played, the existing problems, and the work plan for 2022, etc. Meanwhile, on behalf of NCMC's risk control committee, Mr.Jin, also as specially-appointed consultant, introduced the work related to risk control and suggestions for improvement, and provided three valuable suggestions to whole company's management, which further strengthened the risk control awareness of all staff and encouraged everyone to work mroe steadily in the new year.

 Finally, GM Mr. Wu made a concluding speech on the debriefing conference. Firstly invited everyone to give a warm applause for the joint efforts to all NCMC members in 2021, for achieving the outstanding achievement of exceeding planned target!

Then, focusing on the three themes of "opportunity and challenge", "hardening and harvesting" and "hard work and perseverance", combined with the global market environment, a comprehensive and multi-dimensional presentation, analysis and review of last year's work were carried out. And guide to make plans for the work, encourage everyone not to think about the past, not afraid of the future, always maintain the original intention, work steadily, and strive for higher breakthroughs in 2022 to achieve sustainable development!

 The meeting ended successfully with harvest and expectation, cheers and laughters, in a  famous local restaurant with specialties, we gathered around the table, eating and drinking in big "bowls". We thanked each other for the encouragement and help given in the past year, there was love and warmth full of the room.  

The cold wind in winter will not dissipate the warmth in the heart, and NCMC members always have a flash of inspiration, brought us a shocking fireworks show, gave everyone a big surprise! This evening, our fireworks rose in the night sky one by one and bloom proudly! Clusters of splendid fireworks are like blossoming chrysanthemums fragrant, or like shooting stars in the sky, or like a bright starry sky like a dream. The beautiful fireworks entrusted with beautiful hope, everyone cheered and jumped for joy, and prayed for a more prosperous new year to embrace a more beautiful chapter!

 Every year we play new tricks and reach new heights, but the same thing is that we will always gather together to share memorable moments and witness the power on the road of growth. Looking back, is to move forward better, the achievements belong to the past, and the future is more worth looking forward to! In 2022, let's move on together!

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